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Clubs and Organizations

Academic Clubs

You don’t have to major or minor in a subject to get involved in an academic club.

Campus Protests and Free Speech

Common questions and a guide to some helpful answers about the University’s policies.

Event Planning and Reservations

Let us coordinate and help support your big event.

Greek Life

Continue the tradition. Become a member.

Honor Societies

We recognize your academic achievements.

Starting a New Organization

Begin today on the steps to start a club and how to obtain recognition.

The Delphian Student Newspaper

The Delphian has been called “the voice of the students.” We have sought out numerous students from all across the academic spectrum to voice their thoughts, concerns and criticisms on everything from sports and entertainment to politics. The Delphian is always looking for more students, more writers that want to get their voice heard. Whether […]

Transfer Student Services

We help transfer students with a successful transition.