Student Life

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Academic Clubs

You don’t have to major or minor in a subject to get involved in an academic club.

Alternative Break

Participate in a community service project during your academic break.

Campus Employment

Work at Adelphi’s administrative or academic departments as a student employee.

CARE Mentor Program

Gain experience working with children in kindergarten–sixth grade.

Cat Cup Challenge

The yearlong tradition promotes fellowship within residence halls.

Commuter Assistant Program

Find a mentor to help you navigate life as a commuter student.

Graduate Student Council

The representative body of the graduate student population at Adelphi University.

Audience: Graduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Greek Life

Continue the tradition. Become a member.

Hall Attendants

Hall Attendants are Adelphi students that work in the lobby of each residence hall.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Hall Councils

We look out for your best interests.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Honor Societies

We recognize your academic achievements.

Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

Student athletes compete in the Northeast-10 Conference.

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program offers Adelphi students opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills.

Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to develop and show off your leadership skills are in abundance at Adelphi University.

Peer Assistant Leaders

Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) serve as a link between incoming students and the University to assist in the transition in the college experience.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Peer Education

Holistic health information provided to students, by students.

Recognition Awards

These award recognize your outstanding achievements.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Directors

Your RA and RHD are there to help you with any issue or problem you have, no matter how small you think it is.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Resident Student Association

Be a resident student leader.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Starting a New Organization

Begin today on the steps to start a club and how to obtain recognition.

Student Government Association

SGA serves as your voice to the administration.

Student Leadership Services

Join fellow students and alumni in becoming a leader.

Transfer Ambassadors

Get your transfer questions answered and meet incoming and current transfer students.

Audience: Transfer Students | Categories: Leadership

Transfer Student Services

We help transfer students with a successful transition.