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New Student Handbook

The New Student Handbook introduces freshman, transfer and international students to everything you need to know about your new life at Adelphi.

» New Student Handbook (PDF)


Guide to Student Life

The Guide to Student Life acquaints students with services, policies and opportunities. Above all, take full advantage of attending Adelphi and get involved in the life of the University.

» Guide to Student Life (PDF)


Parent Handbook

We all want to help students make good choices about academics and the activities in which they participate, and good choices for their lives beyond Adelphi. The Parent Handbook provides resources to help you guide your student during the college experience.

» Parent Handbook (PDF)


International Student Guidebook

This guide will give you basic information about life at Adelphi University, in the local area and in the United States to help you make your adjustment to the U.S., as well as learn about the services provided by Adelphi’s Office of International Student Services.

» International Student Guidebook (PDF)


Graduate and Adult Student Handbook

We prepared this handbook to help answer the frequently asked questions which adult and graduate students have when getting started at Adelphi. You are balancing both school and life demands and there may be matters unique to you that we have not addressed here.

» Graduate and Adult Student Handbook (PDF)

Adelphi Bridges Program

Bridges to Adelphi

Students embarking on college life often feel lost and anxious. But for students with autism spectrum disorders, social anxiety disorders and other nonverbal learning disabilities, the college experience can be confusing and isolating.

» Bridges to Adelphi brochure (PDF)


Adelphi University Code of Conduct

The ability and freedom to teach, learn and develop depends upon appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, in the residence hall, elsewhere on campus, and in the greater academic community. The University has developed procedures and policies to safeguard this process and to maintain an environment conducive to the learning process. 

» Code of Conduct (PDF)

Disability Support Services

Student Guide to Disability Services

The Student Guide contains information on the responsibilities of faculty and students, reasonable accommodations, documentation, testing arrangements, confidentiality, campus accessibility, the grievance procedures and the Student Counseling Center.

» Student Guide to Disability Services (PDF)

 Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services assists student with disabilities in accessing the variety of resources available at Adelphi University. We ensure that student with disabilities have equal access to all aspects of university life.

» Disability Support Services brochure (PDF)


Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement is the hub of campus life at Adelphi University. The center houses a myriad of programs and activities, providing assistance to students from the first day of Orientation to the culmination of the Adelphi experience at Commencement.

» Center for Student Involvement brochure


Commuter Services

Adelphi is committed to ensuring that each commuter student feels engaged and connected to the University from their first days on campus. The Commuter Assistant Program matches incoming commuter students with seasoned upperclassmen to help in the transition to Adelphi.

» Commuter Services brochure (PDF)


Health Services

The Health Services Center provides multiple avenues of health education and awareness to the University community. Under the direction of a nurse practitioner, RNs/EMTs are available round-the-clock to all registered students while school is in session.

» Health Services brochure (PDF)


Interfaith Center

The Interfaith Center offers students, faculty and staff opportunities to worship, enjoy mutual fellowship, discuss spiritual values, seek spiritual guidance and learn about all religious traditions. Participation is voluntary, and members of all faiths are welcome to all activities and services.

» Interfaith Center brochure (PDF)


Residential Life and Housing

The Office of Residential Life and Housing creates an integrated academic and cocurricular environment for its residents by providing programs, services and facilities to contribute to the intellectual, social and cultural development of students.

» Residential Life and Housing brochure (PDF) 


Student Counseling Center

College can be a wonderful, but stressful experience. The Student Counseling Center offers a variety of services, including individual and group counseling, outreach and consultation, crisis intervention and referrals to both on- and off-campus resources.

» Student Counseling Center brochure (PDF)


Bias Crimes: What Every Adelphi Student Needs to Know

Bias crimes (hate crimes) are criminal acts committed by an individual(s) motivated by a bias against the victim’s age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, religious practice or sexual orientation.

» Bias Crimes brochure (PDF)


Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking: What Every Adelphi Student Needs to Know

Domestic violence and intimate partner violence offenses which exhibit a pattern of coercive tactics, including physical, psychological, sexual, economic and emotional abuse.

» Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking


Sexual Assault: What Every Adelphi Student Needs to Know

Sexual assault describes all forms of sexual violence against male and female victims by force or threat of force and without consent.

» Sexual Assault brochure (PDF)



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