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Academic Accommodations and Adjustments for Students with Disabilities

Students who wish to use these services must submit a completed petition.

Academic Clubs

You don’t have to major or minor in a subject to get involved in an academic club.

Academic Support Services

The Office of Academic Services and Retention is here to help.

Admissions Information

Find out how to apply to Adelphi’s many academic programs.

All-Gender Restrooms

Our gender-neutral restrooms may be used by any person regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Alternative Break

Participate in a community service project during your academic break.

Assistive Technology

Specialized equipment to aid in learning for a variety of disabilities, including low vision and d/Deaf/HOH.


Learn about campus events and news on this channel.


Buy, rent or sell textbooks. Find other college supplies and gifts.

Bridges to Adelphi

Helping students on the autism spectrum make a smooth transition to college life.

Cable TV and HBO GO

Learn about the channels available in Adelphi’s residence halls.

Campus Employment

Work at Adelphi’s administrative or academic departments as a student employee.

Campus Protests and Free Speech

Common questions and a guide to some helpful answers about the University’s policies.

CARE Mentor Program

Gain experience working with children in kindergarten–sixth grade.

Career Development

Internships. Career skills. All in one place.

CarShare Program with Enterprise

Through the Enterprise CarShare program, you can pick up a car on campus and pay by the hour, for the day or overnight.

Cat Cup Challenge

The yearlong tradition promotes fellowship within residence halls.

Catholic Services and Newman Club

Providing services, counseling and advisement for Adelphi’s Catholic population.

Commuter Assistant Program

Find a mentor to help you navigate life as a commuter student.

Commuter Student Services

We help improve the commuter experience for Adelphi students.

Audience: Commuter Students | Categories: Transportation and Parking

Computer and Technology Services

Find the technology resources you need to succeed.

Counseling Services

For many students, dealing effectively with emotional and social issues increases their academic success.

Dietary Modification/Food Allergy

Guidance to students who are presenting with food allergies and are requesting dietary modifications.

Dining Locations/Hours

There’s something for everyone and all appetites.

Drug and Alcohol Dependency Help

Education and confidential counseling on substance abuse issues.

Employment for International Students

International students can work on or off campus with proper authorization.

Event Planning and Reservations

Let us coordinate and help support your big event.

First-Year Community Action Program

Volunteer in community service projects, before starting classes.

Graduate Student Council

The representative body of the graduate student population at Adelphi University.

Audience: Graduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Graduation Clearance

Get ready to turn your tassel.

Greek Life

Continue the tradition. Become a member.

Group Counseling and Mental Health Workshops

All groups are free for Adelphi students. Call 516.877.3646 to sign up for a group or to get more information.

Group Fitness

Get fit, for free.

Hall Attendants

Hall Attendants are Adelphi students that work in the lobby of each residence hall.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Hall Councils

We look out for your best interests.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Health and Wellness Committee

Our goal is to help you maintain and improve your health so that you are fully prepared to meet the demands of college life.

Health Insurance Requirements

Adelphi requires all residential students and all international students to have health insurance.

Health Services

Our goal is to help you maintain and improve your health so that you are fully prepared to meet the demands of college life.

HIV Testing

The Health Services Center is proud to offer free HIV testing to all Adelphi University students via Use your email address to find a nearby testing location, and receive a lab referral, signed by a physician, containing a confidential identification code which must be brought to the testing location. Tests take less than 5 minutes and do not […]

Honor Societies

We recognize your academic achievements.

Housing Deposit

Deposits for on-campus housing are due May 1.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Housing Self-Service

An application for resident student room selection.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

ID Cards

Visit the Office of Public Safety and Transportation to get yours.

Illness and Injury Treatment

Referrals to healthcare professionals, hospitals and pharmacies for your health concerns.

Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

Student athletes compete in the Northeast-10 Conference.

International Student Resources and Forms

Forms and documents for incoming and current international students.

Jewish Services

Providing services, counseling and advisement for Adelphi’s Jewish population.

Lactation Center

Adelphi University offers a private and convenient place for women to breastfeed or pump milk.

Laundry Services

Washer and dryer units are free of charge to on-campus housing residents.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program offers Adelphi students opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills.

Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to develop and show off your leadership skills are in abundance at Adelphi University.

Learning Center

Our skills workshops and subject tutoring help you prepare for scholastic and intellectual success.

LGBT Health and Wellness Services

The health, safety, and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students are of significant importance to our staff.

LGBTQ Safe Zone

Embrace an open campus climate.

Library Services

The University’s libraries are an invaluable resource.

Linen and Bedding

Easily order the right linens for your room in our residence halls.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Local Services for Commuters and Visitors

These outside services will help you get around Long Island and the surrounding area.

Audience: Commuter Students | Categories: Transportation and Parking


Lockers are available for Adelphi students.

Lost and Found

What to do if you’ve lost something on Adelphi University property.

Medical Clearance: Vaccines and Immunizations

Medical clearance is required for all students, with additional requirements for athletes, nursing students and student traveling abroad.

Moving In to Campus Housing

What you need to know before arriving on campus for move-in day.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Moving Out of Campus Housing

What you need to know before leaving campus for breaks or end of the academics year.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Multicultural Education, Workshops and Training

Sign up for interactive workshops, trainings or lectures on a diversity topics.

Muslim Services and Muslim Student Association

Providing spiritual services, counseling and advisement for Adelphi’s Islamic population.

Name or Gender Change

Changes to students name, gender and other biographic/demographic data are processed through the Office of the University Registrar.

Off-Campus Housing

Pick up our Off-Campus Housing Kit

Off-Campus Trips

Experience Long Island and Manhattan.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Entertainment

Panther Mart

Grab some groceries or convenience items at the Panther Mart.

Parents Association

Play a supporting role in your student’s college experience

Audience: First Year Students | Categories: Miscellaneous

PAWS Web Radio

PAWS Web Radio is Adelphi University’s student-run internet radio station, consisting of a variety of shows, including sports, politics, music, entertainment, and live studio recordings.

Peer Assistant Leaders

Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) serve as a link between incoming students and the University to assist in the transition in the college experience.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Peer Education

Holistic health information provided to students, by students.

Post Hall Dining

Check out our all-you-care-to-eat dining option.

Pre-Professional Advising

We help you prepare for professional school and apply for fellowships.

Protestant Services and Christian Fellowship

Providing services, counseling and advisement for Adelphi’s Christian population.

Public Transportation

Here’s a list of local train, bus and other transportation options.

Audience: Commuter Students | Categories: Transportation and Parking

Reasonable Flexibility to Attendance Policy

Federal law requires colleges and universities to consider reasonable modification of attendance policies if required to accommodate a student’s disability.

Recognition Awards

These award recognize your outstanding achievements.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Religious and Spiritual Services

The Interfaith Center provides a place to worship and seek spiritual guidance.

Residence Halls

Live in one of our distinctive residential communities.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Facilities, Housing and Dining

Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Directors

Your RA and RHD are there to help you with any issue or problem you have, no matter how small you think it is.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Resident Student Association

Be a resident student leader.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining, Leadership

Residential Life and Housing Accommodation

On-campus housing accommodations for those with documented disabilities.

Sexual Health Information

Find links to assist you with finding answers to some questions you may have about sexual health.

Smoothie and Juice Bar

Legends Café juice bar offers healthy food for a healthy mind and body.

Social Training Center

Helping students on the autism spectrum make a smooth transition to college life.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Accessibility Support

Starting a New Organization

Begin today on the steps to start a club and how to obtain recognition.

Student Government Association

SGA serves as your voice to the administration.

Student Leadership Services

Join fellow students and alumni in becoming a leader.

Student Mail

How to address mail and packages to AU resident students.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Student Personal Property Insurance Companies

The University assumes no liability for loss of or damage to the resident’s property. Residents should secure adequate coverage either through their parents’ or guardians’ homeowner’s insurance, or through additional insurance. We are providing you with links to various insurance companies below. These companies have good reputation and received positive feedback on the Better Business […]

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Study Abroad

Become a global citizen.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Culture and Awareness

Telephone and Voicemail

Resident Students can use Google Voice through their AU Google Account or personal Google account to make phone calls anywhere in the United States and Canada for free. » More Information and Setup Instructions

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

The Delphian Student Newspaper

The Delphian has been called “the voice of the students.” We have sought out numerous students from all across the academic spectrum to voice their thoughts, concerns and criticisms on everything from sports and entertainment to politics. The Delphian is always looking for more students, more writers that want to get their voice heard. Whether […]

Title IX and Sexual Respect

Discrimination, harassment (including sexual misconduct), and retaliation of any type will not be tolerated at Adelphi University.

Transfer Ambassadors

Get your transfer questions answered and meet incoming and current transfer students.

Audience: Transfer Students | Categories: Leadership

Transfer Student Services

We help transfer students with a successful transition.


Pitch in on campus.

Audience: Resident Students | Categories: Housing and Dining

Underground Café

Grab some Starbucks, relax, check your email, study and meet up with friends.

University Center Café

The UC Café, the University’s main dining facility, features five full-service stations and much more.

University Center Services

The University Center is the cultural and social hub of the Adelphi University campus

Virtual Meditation Room

Resources to help you start on and continue a practice of meditation for relaxation and contemplation.

Volunteer and Community Service Programs

Immerse yourself in the community and show that you care.

Welcome Wagon

Volunteers assist first year students on Move-In Day.

Writing Center

We assist writers of all levels with essay assignments in all subjects, lab reports or other writing projects.





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