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Getting involved in campus life enhances your college experience and develops your leadership skills. We have more than 80 clubs and organizations to choose from, including academic, social, community service and religious-based clubs, as well as Greek life and honor societies. Adelphi offers numerous student programming events, including music performances, parties, comedy shows, interesting lectures, workshops, off-campus trips and more.


Each Wednesday, sport your brown and gold or Adelphi apparel as a celebration of our community.

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Academic Clubs

You don’t have to major or minor in a subject to get involved in an academic club.

All-Gender Restrooms

Our gender-neutral restrooms may be used by any person regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Alternative Break

Participate in a community service project during your academic break.


Learn about campus events and news on this channel.

Campus Protests and Free Speech

Common questions and a guide to some helpful answers about the University’s policies.

CARE Mentor Program

Gain experience working with children in kindergarten–sixth grade.

CarShare Program with Enterprise

Through the Enterprise CarShare program, you can pick up a car on campus and pay by the hour, for the day or overnight.

Commuter Assistant Program

Find a mentor to help you navigate life as a commuter student.

Commuter Student Services

We help improve the commuter experience for Adelphi students.

Audience: Commuter Students | Categories: Transportation and Parking

First-Year Community Action Program

Volunteer in community service projects, before starting classes.

Greek Life

Continue the tradition. Become a member.

Honor Societies

We recognize your academic achievements.

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program offers Adelphi students opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills.

Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to develop and show off your leadership skills are in abundance at Adelphi University.

LGBTQ Safe Zone

Embrace an open campus climate.

Local Services for Commuters and Visitors

These outside services will help you get around Long Island and the surrounding area.

Audience: Commuter Students | Categories: Transportation and Parking

Multicultural Education, Workshops and Training

Sign up for interactive workshops, trainings or lectures on a diversity topics.

Off-Campus Housing

Pick up our Off-Campus Housing Kit

Off-Campus Trips

Experience Long Island and Manhattan.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Entertainment

PAWS Web Radio

PAWS Web Radio is Adelphi University’s student-run internet radio station, consisting of a variety of shows, including sports, politics, music, entertainment, and live studio recordings.

Recognition Awards

These award recognize your outstanding achievements.

Audience: Undergraduate Students | Categories: Leadership

Starting a New Organization

Begin today on the steps to start a club and how to obtain recognition.

Student Leadership Services

Join fellow students and alumni in becoming a leader.

The Delphian Student Newspaper

The Delphian has been called “the voice of the students.” We have sought out numerous students from all across the academic spectrum to voice their thoughts, concerns and criticisms on everything from sports and entertainment to politics. The Delphian is always looking for more students, more writers that want to get their voice heard. Whether […]

Transfer Ambassadors

Get your transfer questions answered and meet incoming and current transfer students.

Audience: Transfer Students | Categories: Leadership

Transfer Student Services

We help transfer students with a successful transition.

Volunteer and Community Service Programs

Immerse yourself in the community and show that you care.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Bring a reusable water bottle and fill up across campus at one of the many locations. Please encourage your peers and colleagues to do the same!

For more policies and internal-access forms, visit the Student Life Intranet, accessible with an Adelphi eCampus login.

For further information, please contact:

Center for Student Involvement
University Center, Room 110
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