Adelphi University Writing Center

The Writing Center is the hub of writing-related activity at Adelphi University. Our primary purpose is to help students learn to use writing more effectively in all aspects of college life. The Writing Center is designed for any student, of any ability, who wants to improve his or her writing process.

What can the Writing Center do for me?

When you come in, you decide with the tutor what aspect of your writing you want to focus on. Topics you might discuss include:

    writing with clarity
    developing a sophisticated argument
    deepening your analyses
    deciding on organization and structure
    improving sentence-level style
    understanding rhetorical techniques
    incorporating and citing sources
    grammar problems
Please note: The Writing Center is not a proofreading service. We can help you learn to proofread and revise your own essay, but we will not simply edit your paper for you.

Who should use the Writing Center?

In a word, everyone. The Writing Center is a free service available to any Adelphi undergraduate or graduate student. We see writers of all levels—from those who have great difficulty even getting started to those grappling with the most sophisticated arguments. We can help with essay assignments in all subjects, lab reports, or any other written project you find yourself working on.

How does the Writing Center work?

You can sign up for an appointment by registering online or by coming to the Center.

You may also schedule a standing weekly or bi-weekly appointment for a whole term.

Tutoring sessions are generally 45-60 minutes.

While a full draft is best, you can bring in an outline or even just a set of notes, and our tutors will help you move to the next stage in your writing process.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call the Writing Center or cancel online. Anyone who fails to cancel an appointment in advance will receive a "no show" notification.  Students who receive two "no shows" will forfeit access to Writing Center services for the remainder of that semester.

Other Writing Center Services

The Writing Center also offers other services which include:
    computer lab and printer
    a library of reference books, composition handbooks and other handouts
    periodic writing workshops.

For additional information, please contact:

The Writing Center
Earle Hall, Lower Level
p - 516.877.3296
f - 516.877.3293
e -

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