Wednesday, October 2, 2019
1:00–2:00 p.m.


Nexus Room 126

Intercultural Communication in Professional Settings

This workshop is a collaboration between AUI Academics, AUI Career Accelerator Program, and the AU TESOL program. The objective is to bring together domestic and international students to discuss topics focused on intercultural communication in a professional capacity. Students will begin by considering the variation in how people from different cultures accomplish speech acts using language and gesture. For example, East Asian cultures may greet one another with a slight bow while Americans may greet by shaking hands. European cultures may be more blunt and direct when delivering negative feedback while other cultures completely avoid criticism or package it within a “compliment sandwich.” After discussing and sharing these differences in talk, gesture, and interaction across and between cultures, students will be prompted to consider how intercultural miscommunication can result in problems in the university or workplace. We will then collectively strategize on how to bridge these gaps to not only raise awareness of other cultural styles and techniques, but to communicate more effectively.

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This event is part of the Leadership Certificate Program.

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Leadership Certificate Program LogoAbout the Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program is an interdepartmental initiative hosted by the Center for Career and Professional Development, the Center for Student Involvement, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business.

Its goal is to offer Adelphi undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills. Participants are able to attend workshops on a wide variety of topics during the course of the year. 

Requirements for Students

To participate in the Leadership Certificate Program, you must RSVP for a minimum of six events. Each student must complete the workshops within the academic year. Events are added throughout the year.