Venis Sudu-Brown, Business Major




May 1, 2012

Venis Sudu-Brown, Business Major


Venis Sudu-Brown, who works in the administrative field as a clerk typist in Nassau County, hopes that earning a degree will lead to a more promising career. “Bottom line, earning a degree is self-actualization for me,” she says, “but I am hoping it will be a profitable one also.” Married with two sons, Stefan, 21, and Sean, 18, she says, “I had started college with Stefan—not as a competition, but as a way to say, ‘We can do this!’” He has since graduated and is working. For her, University College “takes away the anxiety of going to college. It is big enough to be a college and small enough to feel like home. The professors and advisers are awesome and show genuine interest in their students.” Asked about her spare time, she says, ” What’s that?” Besides being a wife, mother, employee, and student, she says, “I volunteer at a local hospital and I am actively involved in church ministries.”

Venis attended University College as a part-time student and earned 20 credits through prior learning. By taking advantage of our Prior Learning program she saved herself at least two semesters, as well as nearly $12,000.

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