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PAWS Web Radio is Adelphi University’s student-run internet radio station. Located in the Lower Level of Earle Hall, PAWS offers students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a real radio station. PAWS is an online based radio, consisting of a variety of shows, including sports, politics, music, entertainment, and live studio recordings. PAWS also broadcasts LIVE Adelphi sporting events from Motamed Field.

Adelphi’s had a radio station, WBAU, from many years. The former radio station WBAU (90.3FM), started as an AM station, but converted to an FM station 1972. It stayed that way until 1995, when the station was shut down. In 2005, Adelphi brought back a student run internet radio by creating PAWS Web Radio. In 2015, the station went under new management and was renamed.

PAWS Radio

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